first_inkling_author_pic_sorondoAlexander Sorondo started View from the Bar in 2014. He is the author of all uncredited posts. His fiction has appeared in Jai-Alai Magzine and First Inkling Magazine.

Elizabeth Coale is a senior at Florida International University. She works part-time as a free-lance writer. Right now, she’s on Tumblr.

zara cont. pic  Zara Castany is a 23 year old writer, director/producer, and grocery bagging maven who lives in Miami, Fl and graduated from Columbia University in 2013 with a double degree in Film Studies and Cultural Anthropology. Zara can usually be found eating chips and salsa while wrangling with the uncertainties of existence.


allegra Allegra Frazier’s work has appeared in StorytheNewerYorkCarrier Pigeon, and elsewhere. She is the winner of Bayou Magazine‘s 2013 flash fiction contest. She lives in Tucson. You can visit her there or at


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